Project Description

Machalilla National Park

The park offers

  • One of the most beautiful and clean bathing beaches of Ecuador called „Los Frailes“
  • Larger and smaller islands (Isla de la Plata, Isla de Salango etc.)
  • The famous sulphur lagoon „Agua Blanca“ where bathing is said to be very healthy
  • Cloud forest
  • Tropical dry forest
  • Steppes with giant cactus trees
  • Museum about the local indigenous peoples

More than 200 animal species such as apes, armadillos, 270 bird species (from hummingbird to the Galapagos-Albatros), deer, iguanas, snakes and anteaters can be seen at the national park.

On the islands Salango and Isla de la Plata, there are some animals that can usually be found on the Galápagos Islands as well such as the blue-footed booby, different pelicans and seagulls, tortoises etc. During the months of June to September, visitors can watch whales and dolphins.