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Activities of sister Narcisa

Nobol, north of Guayaquil in the direction of Daule, is a popular pilgrimage site where Hl. Narcisa de Jesús Martillo Moran is very famous. Born on 29th October 1832 and deceased on 8th December 1869 in Lima, Peru.

As a child, she had an extrasensory perception and was drawn to living a life with God. After the death of her parents, she moved to Guayaquil where she earned a living with sewing and other handicrafts. She also helped the disadvantaged.

From 1868, she lived in a Dominican convent in Lima. In December 1869, she unexpectedly but peacefully left our realm to go to our lord – and her room was filled with heavenly light. When she was later laid out in the church, her body exuded a wonderful scent. The physicians were faced with a mystery: Is she dead or alive? Even after three days, her body remained beautiful, soft and without rigor mortis. Soon afterwards, wonderful healings of the sick took place through trustful biddings and the touch of her body.